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Checked Baggage Guidelines

Once you select an airline you will find basic checked luggage regulations as supplied by each airline for domestic flights. International flights will have varying rules. While regulation similarities exist between carriers, it is best to familiarize yourself with each carrier that you travel with. Since carriers often change their policies, you may want to check with your airline before flying.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have guidelines that apply to all carriers.


Here are the following rules:

1.Baggage cannot be checked prior to the day of departure.

2.Your baggage will only be checked to your final destination.

3.All checked baggage will be screened by the TSA.

Baggage check or airport check-in is a service offered by commercial airlines, allowing flyers to have their luggage carried in the cargo area of an airplane. Before passengers board their plane, they turn over their luggage to the airline; they are then united with their items at their final destination. Checked luggage has a size and weight limit, and all excess requires a fee. Checked luggage restrictions vary from airline to airline, so it's important to find out about airline rules and baggage fees before you begin packing. Details can often be found on your itinerary, by selecting your airline on the airline's website. Contact your airline if you have any additional questions.

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